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Electric Appliances

Coffee anyone? PV Suppliers provides the below electric appliances,
and many more, so our customers won't find themselves 'unplugged' at an inopportune time.


Katrina Marks, Property Manager, Florida Sun Vacation Homes 15. May, 2014

Thanks Len, you guys are the best! We greatly appreciate our working relationship with you and the personal attention we receive from you whole staff!

About us

PV Suppliers supplies thousands of hospitality products to our customers since 1992. Our company mission is to provide premium products at a great price to our Central Florida customers, and to serve with a smile! We offer prompt and often free delivery in order to keep our customers costs down and satisfaction high. We are based out of Kissimmee, FL with headquarters in the Longwood area. Our friendly and reliable staff has years of experience and loads of enthusiasm!


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